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How it works

  • 1Contact us by email of phone
  • 2Our consultants will get in touch with you
  • 3We will discuss your plan by phone or email
  • 4We will identify the best expert and economic solution for you
  • 5We will supply you with the complete price quotation and possible surgery date
  • 6Our consultant will contact you to agree on all logistic matters related to the surgery (transport, accommodation)
  • 7We will send you a binding contract to confirm the order of the agreed surgery and any other additional services
  • 8You will pay EUR 500 to the clinic´s account within 10 days after the date of the binding e-mail order
  • 9Depending on the agreed logistic conditions, our consultant will pick you up at an agreed location (for instance railway station, airport).
  • 10She will bring you to the hotel or apartment and then to the clinic. At the clinic, you will undergo the pre-surgery examination, final consultation with your surgeon and you will fill in a form in your native language.
  • 11The coordinator will accompany you to the place of surgery.
  • 12After the surgery, you will stay at the clinic and the coordinator will accompany you to your hotel (apartment).
  • 13The hotel service will provide for your undisturbed post-surgery regime.

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